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April 21, 2010

5 Spiritual Habits for Network Marketing Success

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Spiritual habits are good for life.  When used daily, your MLM business should take off.

Attitude is gratitude.  First, be thankful for the current blessings in your life.  Blessings are gifts and are good.  They come in all forms – even challenging forms. Gratitude comes from your perspective and understanding that you most likely live better than 90 percent of the people on the planet.  This always gives me pause for a prayer of thanks.  We know that many people are suffering, so if we are in good health or have a harmonious family, chances are we have much to be grateful for.

Truthfulness is useful. The truth really comes in handy.  I mean there is so much hype out there in the industry – Build wealth!  Have it all!  Easy as 1-2-3!  Good grief, I don’t suppose anyone would answer an ad that says, “looking for hard-working person who loves products, willing to work for nothing, but can maybe make a lot of money and stay home with kids eventually.”  Of course not, but the truth is, that if you enter into a network marketing business, you’re going to work hard, move your product, put money up-front, read a lot, grow a lot and you might make a lot of money.  And you might not.  The only thing that can be guaranteed in this industry is the products maybe for 30 days, and the promise that your sponsor will help you succeed; but even that’s not always the case, right?  You need to live in truth – from the very beginning.  Answer every question honestly and you will end up with the right people in your business.  Never overinflate anything.  Tell it like it is.  That way, you will gain trust and you will have the opportunity to really help more people.

Steadfastness Is KEY –  What does it mean to be steadfast?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines steadfast as firm in belief, determination or adherence.  One can only be successful in MLM if the belief system is high – that means belief in self, in others and in your product/service/opportunity.  This belief must be strong as it manifests itself into conviction that sells.  Being determined to succeed by helping others and adhering to your integrity as you grow others in your business are keys to success in network marketing.

Generosity Ignites Passion – Your spirit has a lot to give.  Give on a daily basis – encouragement, assistance, praise, information, solutions, strategies, helpful hints – whatever you have – your giving will enhance your partners’ lives and in-turn your own.  If you have a passion of serving in your community or church, let that give you joy as well.  You can inspire others to give and serve in the same way and will be building a team of people who are generous overall and have as one of their “why’s” philanthropic giving.  After all, we all want to make money, but we do have this innate desire to help others along the way.  Tap into that and watch your organization grow.

Perseverance Pays Off – To persevere means to keep going –regularly and consistently.  It means continuing even when things get tough.   Perseverance makes you tougher.  It helps to move past your perceived obstacles.  When you stay in the game, you will reap the benefits of that effort.  Hang in there and develop another skill.

Above all, be yourself.  Take care of yourself; grow yourself.  You are one-of-a-kind.  There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be another you.  Your uniqueness is a gift.  Give it out freely and you will have people following you wherever you go.

Lisa Kneller is a writer, professional network marketer, yoga teacher and trainer.  You can find her websites at and


April 5, 2010

5 Keys to Stop Information Overwhelm in Internet Marketing

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One of the biggest concerns for internet marketers is the overwhelming factor of information overload.  Sometimes we get so much information that we feel frozen and stuck in our inability to take action.  I feel for everyone who is trying to build a business online, but you can’t just keep reading about it and signing up for the next “What’s Working Now” information system.  I recently came across an opportunity to spend $97 per month learning about what’s working now and thought somebody is going to spend that money instead of just taking action.  Don’t let it be you.

Here are 5 keys to stop information overload:

First, figure out the top two things you need to do to start promoting your business online.  It may be creating a website, writing articles, networking in online communities, or writing your blog.  Pick two and work on those two things for two solid weeks.  Make it four.  It takes 30 days to build a habit.  Last year we had a bathroom redone and spent a lot of money making it look five star.  I vowed to never let the moisture get out of hand so I started wiping down the walls and windows of the shower every single time I take a shower.  It took me about a month to get used to it so that now I don’t even think about it; I just do it.  I love my shower!

Second, write them down.  Put in writing your actions and on which days you will take them.  Whatever your schedule is put it on a calendar and plan for those actions at the appointed time.  Make this an appointment with yourself.  Keep a list of your top actions that you will be taking every day and paste it above your desk/computer.   Look at it every day.  Remind yourself what you will be doing every day.  Stay focused!

Thirdly, resist – no stop – clicking on every link that promises you more information!  Ask yourself, “is clicking this link and reading the next thing on the internet taking a positive action toward building my business?”  If the answer is no, go back to what you were doing to create momentum in your business.  Review your list of actions.

Fourth, notice your thoughts.  Where are they taking you?  Keep a check on your goals and do only what will bring you closer to them.  Discipline yourself.  Talk to yourself about being disciplined.  When I’m doing a difficult yoga pose, I always go back to the foundation of the pose first.  I visualize where I want to go with it, and then take the baby steps necessary to build the pose.  Do this with your business.  Keep going back to basics until it becomes habit.  Once you’ve established a flow with a certain action, you can begin to add other activities to your daily agenda.  Be patient!

Finally, check your progress with each action.  If after 30 days, a certain activity isn’t serving you well, change to doing something else.  Do what creates the desired outcome – more customers, more readers, or more exposure.  Remember, you are in charge of your business.  You need to begin the process of taking action versus constant education.  We learn from doing.  Yes, education is important, but we need to apply our education by developing our skills.  Once we master something, it becomes second nature and then we can teach others.  We can only teach what we know.

To review:  Decide – pick two; write it down; stop clicking; discipline yourself; and review your progress.  Take charge and start now!

March 4, 2010

Network Marketing Know How

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Belief in yourself, your product and the value your product and opportunity bring to others is the key to succeeding in Network Marketing.

One of the first thoughts most people have when contemplating starting an MLM business is to wonder if they can actually make some money.  This is a reasonable thought.  Most people have this thought.  The first question you should ask yourself when confronted with this thought is, “Do I really like/love the product?”  The second question is, “Is there a real demand for this product?”  To answer that question, just look at the answer to the first question.  If you love the product, surely someone else in the universe is going to like or need it also.

Okay, let’s say you are ready to move on and now you’re thinking, “Do I really want to bug my family and friends with this product?  I don’t even like being bothered with people peddling products to me, so how could I enjoy this?”  Again, I would say, if you were introduced to a product that you like by someone, you can’t possibly offend anyone by just mentioning that you love a product.  After all, you wouldn’t hesitate to share your passion for a great book or movie, right?  Let me just say that you must appreciate and see the value in your product so well that you’d mention it whether you got paid or not.

How about the business opportunity side?  We know that most people do not want to sell, represent, distribute or market a product, yet in 2007; 15 million people in the US alone were listed as being in direct sales, according to the Direct Selling Association.  That means there’s a significant market out there of people still using products from or distributing products from a network marketing business.  Still, younger people who have not been exposed to network marketing are among us and keep growing.  You would be surprised how many people are searching for a business opportunity.  You really must be convinced that this business model works, and most importantly, it can work for you.

Knowledge really helps in this business.  Knowing can make the difference between foundering and having success.  Try these KNOWs on and see if they fit.

KNOW yourself!  – Know what you love to do and what you hate to do.  Know what you would like out of life and what you’re willing to settle for.  I also encourage you to write these things down or create a vision poster for yourself.  Maybe you’d like to spend more time gardening…

KNOW your product/service! – Use and study your product, its ingredients, its benefits, the cost, the taste, the texture…you get what I mean.  You must be able to confidently talk about your product and discuss the value of it to your potential customers.  If you offer a service, spend enough time in training so you thoroughly understand what it is you’re selling.  Let your sponsor help you.

KNOW your industry! – Study the MLM/Network Marketing industry.  Become familiar with the trends, terms, statistics (, success stories, strategies, etc.  Learn from the people who have paved the Network Marketing way.  Subscribe to at least one Network Marketing publication and read it religiously.

KNOW your plan!  – That’s right!  Write a business plan of how you intend to build market share for your company.  Determine what you will need to get started.  Determine how much you have for start-up costs and ongoing, monthly expenses and KNOW what your financial limits are.  Everyone has them.  This is a business and costs money to start up.  Develop your Reason, Objective, Strategy, Tactics and Daily actions to build your business.  Be specific.  Also, write down your financial goals starting with your initial goal (to pay for your products or get your first promotion) and your 3, 6, 9 and 12 month goals.

KNOW the kind of work involved!  – It requires in some cases picking up the phone, asking simple questions like, “do you know anyone interested in making money or who would be good at marketing great products?”  It may involve sampling products and having your name and number attached to your sample.  It may involve getting on the internet and networking around to build your business.  It may involve home parties or business presentations.  If you haven’t done this type of work before, KNOW that someone will help you get started and train you.  You can develop specific skills and become very successful in this type of business.

Once you have one, small success like having one person buy your product, KNOW that someone else will also!  KNOW that if you find one person to join you in this business, someone else will join it too!  If its fear of rejection that is your concern, KNOW that you will be told no, but it’s not personal.  KNOW that it’s not personal and has nothing to do with your integrity as a person.  Some people are just not interested in your product, service or opportunity, period!  And the pain of “rejection” is nothing like having an ingrown toenail or a deep cut that takes a long time to heal.  It’s a quick “No thank you,” and you’re on to the next activity.  And people are usually so kind, so it’s not like you’ll be lambasted for attempting to share something great.  So KNOW you’ll survive the no’s and rejoice in the yes’s and hang on for a fun ride.

KNOW that you can, convince yourself that you can, and keep moving forward until you have the results that prove that you can and then teach someone else what you KNOW!

Lisa Kneller is a professional network marketer.  Her websites are: and this article may be used/reprinted with appropriate credit, including websites.

February 27, 2010

all a twitter

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I just bought a book titled, “all a twitter” by Tee Morris.  If you are going to be serious about social networking on the internet, you need to learn how to twitter.  Whether you are working in a corporate setting or a home-based-business, it’s good to have this social networking knowledge and skill.  I will keep you posted.  Here’s one of the first things I learned:  “Twitter is your quick response to the outside world.”  It’s like posting your status on facebook. If you get that, you will probably get Twitter.

February 25, 2010

Daily Success Diary

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Relevant content only!  That’s my goal.  I think it’s relevant to know what others go through, so I’m going to share some of my activities and things I learn on a daily basis.

For example, today I learned how to place a banner on my website.  I’m using a new web building program, so I had to learn the exact steps.  In learning that one step, I was able to place another banner on the same page.  I know this sounds elementary to some of you, but for me it was another success today.   My first success was getting an article published.  That was my fourth article, so I’m on a roll!

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